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Siberian white tiger

My favourite tiger is the Siberian white tiger. It's the largest sub species of tiger. I have two pictures of white tigers on my bedroom wall which are really good. Once I saw a white tiger cub and it didn't have any stripes, it was really cool.

Tiger cubs swimming

The next largest is the Bengal tiger. An adult male Bengal tiger can weigh up to 258 kg (569 lb.) and can be up to 310 cm long (122 ins). That can be up to 10 feet! The scientific name for a Bengal tiger is panthera tigris tigris.

Tiger cub

The Chinese, Siberian, Bengal, Sumatran, and Indochinese tigers have been on the point of extinction for years. And all this is because of poachers, killing the tigers off for their expensive fur, and the bones and other parts of the tiger are useful in Chinese medicines. Fewer than 4000 Bengal tigers live in the wild, and only about 500 Sumatran tigers. The Caspian, Bali, and Javan tigers are all extinct.

Which would you prefer to see.......

Cubs playing or Tiger pelts for sale! ? These skins were confiscated in Calcutta - They look much better on the proper owner!

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