Our “famous” relatives.....

After many years of tracing our family tree, I have found the following, albeit 'convoluted', links with well known people:

* William Wilberforce, British politician, a philanthropist and a leader of the movement to abolish the slave trade

* Henry Herbert Asquith, British Prime Minister.

* Catherine Howard, wife of Henry VIII.

* Henry VIII, King of England

* William Shakespeare, poet and playwright.

And a few more.....

My 4x Great Grandfather, Thomas Gwenlan born 1760.... His Great Grandson, James Gwenlan (my 2nd cousin 3x removed ) married Mary Price...

Mary Price's mother was Mary Thomas, Mary Thomas' sister was Margaret Thomas, who married Thomas Owen.

Thomas & Margaret's daughter, Mary Thomas, married John Mark Oliver.

John & Mary's son Alfred Thomas Oliver married Olive Geraldine Leslie.

Olive Geraldine Leslie's father was George Herbert Leslie, George Herbert Leslie's mother was Jessie Maria Stephen,

Jessie Maria Stephen's grandfather was John Stephen.

John's brother, James Stephen 2nd wife was Sarah Wilberforce, sister to:

William Wilberforce....

William Wilberforce

Staying with the aforementioned James Stephen..... James Stephen's 1st wife was Anne Stent.

Their daughter, Mary Anne Stephen married Thomas Dicey.

Thomas & Mary Anne's son Albert Venn Dicey married Eleanor Mary Bonham-Carter, Great Grandaunt to...

Helena Bonham-Carter....

Helena Bonham-Carter

Eleanor Mary Bonham-Carter's brother, Henry Bonham-Carter, married Sibella Charlotte Warde Norman.

Henry & Sibella's son Maurice Bonham-Carter married Violet Helen Asquith, daughter of:

Henry Herbert Asquith, PM....

Henry Herbert Asquith, PM

Eleanor Mary Bonham-carter's mother was Joanna Maria Smith.

Her sister, Frances Smith, married William Edward Shore, who became William Edward Nightingale.

William Edward Nightingale's daughter was.....

Florence Nightingale....

Florence nightingale

Back to Henry Herbert Asquith; his son Arthur married Betty Constance Manners...

Their Daughter April Mary Asquith married The Honourable John Rous...

In 1962 when Betty died, Mary inherited the Clovelly Estate, and in 1983 John took over the running of the estate....

A bet we have to pay to get in though!


Henry Herbert Asquith's brother Raymond Asquith married Katherine Frances Horner

Raymond & Katherine's daughter, Perdita Rose Mary Asquith married Hervey William Jolliffe.

Hervey William Jolliffe's mother was Alice Adeliza Hervey,

Alice Adeliza Hervey's father was John William Frederick, 3rd Marquess of Hervey

John William Frederik's mother was Katherine Isabella Manners,

Katherine Isabella Manners' mother was Elizabeth Howard.

Elizabeth Howard's 9x Great Grandfather was Thomas Howard. (Hervey William Jolliffe's 13x Great Grandfather)

Thomas Howard's brother, Edmund, Lord Howard Norfolk married Joyce Culpepper,

And they had a daughter,

Catherine Howard....

Catherine Howard

And Catherine married...

Henry VIII....

Henry VIII

Finally – back to the beginning.... My Wife's Great Grandmother was Mable Gertrude Smith.

Mable's parents were George Henry Smith & Leah Mary Jane Carey.

Leah's brother, William Henry James Carey married Alice Warman Harman.

Alice Warman Harman's mother was Alice Warman,

Alice Warman's mother was Alice Kite, Alice Kite's mother was Elizabeth Milton

Elizabeth Milton's Grandfather, Robert Milton married Elizabeth Iggulden.

Elizabeth Iggulden's 5x Great Grandfather was Thomas Iggulden, Thomas Iggulden married Johanne Payne.

Johanne Payne's mother was Alice Webb, Alice Webb's father was Thomas Webb.

Thomas Webb's brother, Geoffrey....

Geoffrey's 3x Great Granddaughter was Mary Webb.

Mary Webb married Robert Arden,

Robert & Mary's daughter Mary Arden married John Shakespeare.

And John & Mary's had a son,

William Shakespeare....

William Shakespeare

Ok... a few more....

My 4th Cousin, once removed is Gareth Gwenlan, TV producer. (My 4x Great Grandfather Thomas Gwenlan, born 1760, is his 3x Great Grandfather)

Gareth Gwenlan

Back to the previously mentioned James Stephen & Anne Stent.... Their Granddaughter is Adeline Virginia Stephen, better known after she married Leonard Woolf as Virginia Woolf.

Virginia Woolf

Back to James Gwenlan (my 2nd cousin 3x removed ) who married Mary Price...

Mary Price's mother was Mary Thomas, Mary Thomas' brother was Thomas Thomas, who married Rachel Jones. Their son Rees Thomas married Catherine Price, and Catherine's farther was Gwilym Price.

In 1881, Gwilym Price was landlord of "The Royal Oak" in Bedwas, Monmouthshire.

However, his "claim to fame" is his father, David Thomas Price...

"...David Price was an assumed name. He had changed it from David Samuel while on the run - for committing murder. As a young man from Cilycwm, Carmarthenshire, David Samuel worked as a farm labourer and became involved in a love triangle which ended in a showdown with his rival Lewis Williams, a lethal stabbing and a subsequent murder hunt. Samuel fled Carmarthenshire, heading to Bedwas where he found work and a new life in the mines - eventually owning his own pit. He had both good luck and bad luck during his lifetime. Luckily for him, just days after his disappearance a body recovered from a nearby river was assumed to be his so the hunt was called off. Less fortunately, 33 years later, one of the men who came to work for him at Price's Pit recognised him from his home town. He was arrested and tried for murder at Carmarthen Magistrate's Court. In the event of a guilty verdict he would have been hanged. But there's another twist in this extraordinary tale. At the trial in 1858 nobody in court was prepared to swear that they could identify David Samuel, because 33 years had passed, and so he was let off the hook and died in Bedwas a free man in 1879."

The above quote comes from the BBC website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/wales/southwest/halloffame/showbiz/patrickmower.shtml

David Thomas Price was the Great-Great-Grandfather of Patrick Mower...

The Royal Oak

Patrick Mower

My Grandmother’s sister, Margaret Hogan, married Edward Arthur Loft


Edward Loft’s mother was Eliza McArthur Low


Eliza Low’s sister married John Tuckfield Raymond


John Raymond’s brother was George Raymond


George Raymond’s great-grand-daughter was Aileen Cynthia Raymond.


And Aileen marred Sir John Mills in 1932,
Sir John Mills
and she married Francis Fairfield Ogilvy in 1946.

Francis Ogilvy’s son is Ian Ogilvy...
Ian Ogilvy