Pictures of some of the Gwenlan places.....

Bridgend Beer House

The family home in 1861! This is the Bridgend Beer House, later the Bridgend Inn. On the 1861 census, my Great Great Grandfather (John Gwenlan) was living here. This picture was taken in about the 1890's. By 1871 John was back in the Coalmine, as he was on the 1851 census. He was reputedly a 'bare knuckle boxer', no doubt plying his trade from this house!

Protheroes Cottages

This is Protheroes Cottages, Scwrfa, Dukestown, Tredegar. Here my father was born, and Thomas Gwenland & Caroline Saunders died in 1946. My Grandfather (yet another Thomas) was probably also born here in 1901.

For a map to here, Protheroes Cottages

From the census information, all the immediate family were living in this same area from 1851 onwards. My Grandparents had moved to Markham by 1928.

4 Pen-y-werlod Road Markham collery, 1976

4 Pen-y-werlod Road, Markham, where the family moved to from Protheroes Cottages. Enid, Allan & John were born here. Also, here is Markham Collery (1976) where my Grandfather worked

For a map to here, 4 Penywerlod Road, Markham

65 Penylan Road

65 Pen-y-lan road, Argoed, Bedwellty, where Enid died on 19 June 1938 and where my Grandfather died on 4th March 1967. It was outside this house where the photo' of my parents weddng was taken on 17th October 1959

For a map to here, 65 Penylan Road, Argoed

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