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This is a record of the houses we have lived in - maybe someone will recognise some of them....

Before we were married, Peter lived at... Before we were married, Ann lived at...
With my Grandmother at Shire Newton Farm ("This is the earliest I can remember")
Shire Newton Farm, Rhymney, Cardiff
65 High Street, Milton ("This is the earliest I can remember")
65 High Street, Milton, nr. Abingdon, Oxon
106 Mackintosh Place, Cardiff 106 Mackintosh Place, Cardiff 3 Pembroke Lane, Milton From 1971;
3 Pembroke Lane, Milton, nr. Abingdon, Oxon
2 Galston Place, Cardiff 2 Galston Place, Cardiff (On the right, Now re-developed)
28 Dylan Drive, Caerphilly From the Spring of 1967;
28 Dylan Drive, Caerphilly
3 Coleman Avenue, Teignmouth From December 1970;
c/o 3 Coleman Avenue, Teignmouth, Devon, with Uncle John & Aunty Nancy, waiting to go into:
95 Kingsway, Teignmouth From February 1971;
95 Kingsway, Teignmouth, Devon
12 Parson Street, Teignmouth From 1977;
12 Parson Street, Teignmouth, Devon
18 Pellew House, Teignmouth From 1979;
18 Pellew House, Teignmouth, Devon
I moved from home to:
40 Witan Way, Wantage From 17/10/1981;
c/o 40 Witan Way, Wantage, Oxon
55 Edinburgh Drive, Didcot From April 1983;
c/o 55 Edinburgh Drive, Didcot, Oxon
After we were married...
After we were married we went to....
15 East Street, Didcot From 1/5/1984;
15 East Street, Didcot, Oxon (Ann moved in on 9/6/1984)
29 Churchill Road, Didcot From 30/11/1985;
29 Churchill Road, Didcot, Oxon
30 Beech Close, West Drayton From 23/3/1986;
30 Beech Close, West Drayton, Middx
3 Sipson Road, West Drayton From 4/6/1987;
3 Sipson Road, West Drayton, Middx
We were living here when Beccy was born.
We then had a period of "temporary" accommodation;
3 Pembroke Lane, Milton From 29/10/1988;
c/o 3 Pembroke lane, Milton, nr. Abingdon, Oxon
37 Fern Crescent From 12/11/1988;
c/o 37 Fern Crescent, Seaham, Co. Durham
10 Queen Alexander Road From 24/11/1988;
c/o 10 Queen Alexandra Road, Seaham, Co. Durham
93 Marlborough From 12/2/1989;
c/o 93 Marlborough, Seaham, Co. Durham
28 Stuart Street East, Seaham From 10/3/1989;
28 Stuart Street East, Seaham, Co. Durham
And we re-gained permanent housing at:
25 Candlish Terrace, Seaham From 11/5/1989;
25 Candlish Terrace, Seaham, Co. Durham
107 Heathway From 21/3/1993;
107 Heathway, Seaham, Co. Durham
We were living here when Gareth was born.
174 Commercial Street, Senghenydd From 2/1/1996;
174 Commercial Street, Senghenydd, nr. Caerphilly
Our home... From 1/7/1996 we have been here - In line with Internet 'etiquette', those who know us know the address... Anyone else can contact us by email

(Yes, we've got about a bit!!!)

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