In August 2006, we went to Stoke on Trent, Macclesfield and Blaenau Ffestiniog, and saw the following family places...

The earliest Lovett records that we have so far begin in Macclesfield. George Lovett was born in Henbury in 1807. This is the church today, built in 1844 - by which time George was in Macclesfield itself... {short description of image}
This is the end of King Edward Street, Macclesfield. George Lovett lived here in 1841. The houses accross the street date from around that time. {short description of image}
Wellington Street, Macclesfield. Agnes Lovett was here at no.31 in 1901. Agnes was married to David Lovett, and they were the parents of Norman, Ann's Grandfather {short description of image}
Derby Street, Macclesfield - now long gone. The Lovett's were at no.8 from before 1881 until after 1901. {short description of image}
On the 1881 census, the Thomas & Blundred families were in Stoke on Trent...
Villiers Street, Trentham. Villiers Street Upper Cross Street
Fanny Thomas was here at no. 40, aged 9 in 1881. Fanny went on to marry James Blundred, who, also in 1881 was at 5 Cross Street. Above is Upper Cross Street - there is also Middle & Lower - which one it was in 1881, I don't know
In 1900, this was the area covered by Villiers Street. No.40 is approximately where the house marked in red is situated: Villliers in 1900
The other marked places (Blue and Green) come up later.....
In 1901, James & Fanny Blundred were at 43 Newhall Road, now where the Longton Fire Station is (on the left side): Newhall Road
In 1907, they were at 2 Gladstone Street, where Ann's Grandmother Elsie was born on 8 July. It is now Hurst Street, likely adjacent to these original buildings that are still there... Gladstone Street Anchor Place
On 9 August 1910, Norman Lovett was born at 16 Anchor Place - he married Elsie on 17 November 1934. He was still living at 16 Anchor Place, and Elsie was living at 3 Frederick Street (now Capewell Street) - just 3 roads down...
Frederick Street
The family soon moved to 8 Crestfield Road where Barry was born: Crestfield Road
And soon after into the adjacent Seddon Road: Seddon Road Seddon Road
In 1933, James Blundred died - he and Fanny were running the "The Vine", Longton:

The Vine James & Fanny's grave
Fanny died in 1949. They are both buried in Longton Cemetary James & Fanny, Longton Cemetary Longton Cemetary
Also in Longton Cemetary is this grave of Charles & Zillah Blundred (There are many more, but we've yet to find them, and many headstones are missing...) Charles Blundred Charles is James Blundred's 1st cousin - James' Father (Thomas) and Charles' Father (Henry) were Brothers.

Charles married Zillah Crawford in 1890
Later the family moved to 108 Cromartie Street, and then to Alberta Street:

They were here when the war broke out, and Norman (Ann's Grandfather) went to Blaenau Ffestiniog immediately after.
108 Cromartie Street Alberta Street
This is Cromartie Street in about 1968. Their house is on the left: Cromartie Street
Barry was adopted by Sam Bryan in 1951. Sam lived at 105 Trentham Road: 105 Trentham Road Trentham Road
105 Trentham Road is marked in blue on the above map
These two photos were taken from the point marked in green on the map. 105 Trentham Road can be seen on the right of the picture.

Trentham Road
In the lower photo, taken about 1960, Sam Bryan can be seen on the street corner on the left... Trentham Road
These two pictures show the same scene in about 1900 and 1968 Trentham RoadTrentham Road
This is the No.3 bus stop in Longton Bus Station, picking up the workers for the Crestfield Road / Seddon Road estate in 1940. It is VERY probable that Norman & Barry's mother Elsie is waiting in the queue.... Longton Bus Station
Barry & Irene were married at the old St. Gregory's, Heathcote Road, Longton: St Gregory's St. Gregory's
And finally, over to Blaenau Ffestiniog...
This is the grave of Dennis Evans, his mother Ann Evans, and Norman Lovett (Ann's Grandfather, and Norma Evan's Father) Dennis' Grave Dennis' Grave
Looking from the grave, over to Tanygrisiau, can be seen the home wher they lived, and where Norman had his accident: Tanygrisiau Fron Wen
The home is now in ruins.... Fron Wen Fron Wen
More details on what happened to Norman can be found here Fron Wen Fron Wen
The Kings Head, Tanygrisiau, also known as "The Tap", where Norman was drinking the night he died... The Kings Head

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