Some other "Odds & Ends" from Ann's family....

William Town

This is the grave of William Town b.1797, Ann's 4x Great Granduncles wife's father.

Through various marriages, Ann is related to the family "Iggulden" Here are four wills of very distant members of the family - they make interesting reading....:

Iggulden crest

1474, William Igolynden of Bidynden
1475, Alicia Igolynden of Bydenden
1487, Agnes Igolynden of Bedynden
1511, Johane Igolynden of Frethinden

Proved 9 September 1474
The will of William Igolynden of Bidynden, dated the Feast of St. George, [ 23 April ] 1474. My body to be buried in the churchyard of Bidynden. To the high altar of the church of BIdynden 8d. All the rest of my goods to my brothers Thomas Igolynden and John Igolynden, whom I make my executors. I make Robert Hamon and Richard morelyn my foefees of all my lands and tenements in the parish of Bidynden on the den of Brykynden, they to legally deliver the same to my mother Alice Igolynden on condition that she deliver all her right in two pieces of land in parish and den aforesaid, called machetrede and le marlyng, which I give to my brothers Thomas and John and to their heirs forever, on condition that they pay to my foefees 9 marks as follows: 40s. at my months mind, 40s. at my years mind, and half a year thereafter 40s. more. If they refuse, then the aforesaid two pieces fo land to be sold and the money to be given as follows : 13s. 4d. to the church of Bidynden ; for a priest to celebrate in the said church for a quarter of a year, 33s. 4d. ; a cartload of stone for the bad road at Dastercrosse, and two cartloads between my mansion house and the mansion house of Walter Brekynden. The residue of the 9 marks to be spent about my burial, my months mind, my years mind and paying my debts. After the decease of my mother I give to my sister Agnes Igolynden a croft of land, called the croft before the gate, in fee simple, and all my other lands and tenements to Thomas and John my brothers, their heirs and assigns, on condition that they pay to Thomas Elsy 3s. 4d., to the three daughters of Robert Haslynden 2s., and to Robert Sesse 3s. 4d. Proved 9 September 1474 by the executors named in the will. (Archdeaconry of Canterbury, vol.2, fo. 15, translated from the Latin.)

The Will of Alicia Igolynden,
Proved 9 May 1475
The Will of Alicia Igolynden, late wife of Richard Igolynden of Bydenden in the County of Kent, dated at Bydenden, April 1475. My body to be buried in the churchyard of Bydenden. To the high altar of the church of Bydenden for my tythes and oblations forgotten, 8d. To every brotherhood light of which I am a sister, 2d. To son Thomas Igolynden. To Lore Gesse. To daughter Agnes Igolynden a large iron pot on condition that she pay to Thomas her brother 6s. 8d. To daughter Juliane all my money and a cow which is in the hands of Robert lanys, etc. To Thomasine Hardy. To son Thomas. Toward the expenses of my burial 13s 4d. To my days mind 13s. 4d. To son John. The residue to daughter Agnes, and of this my will I make Adam Pellond and John Igolynden my executors. I make John lechynden and William Gebon my feofees of eight crofts of landand woods containing nine acres in Bedynden on the den of Beckynden , they to legally deliver them to my son John Igolynden on condition that he pay all my legacies following: to a priest to celebrate mass in the church of Bydenden for one year, 30s.4d., to the footway in Crouchfield two cartloads of stone, to Juliane my daughter 20d., to the Northrodeloft in the said church 16d., and to every one of my godsons and goddaughters 4d. Proved 9 May 1475 by John Igolynden , one of the executors named, with power reserved for the other executor. (Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury, vol.2, fo.17, translated from the Latin.)

The Will of Agnes Igolynden
Proved 20 May 1477
The Will of Agnes Igolynden, daughter of Richard Igolynden of Bedynden, 2 February 1486[-7]. To be buried in the churchyard of Bedynden. To the high altar of the church of Bedynden, the chapel, lights, and for masses. To the footway between Brekyndennyscrosse and Hacchmanys stile, for stone, 26s. 8d. To the footway between two pieces of land called Sevenaker and Stalefield, in stone, 20s. To one hundred masses to be said for the health of my soul by the friars of Canterbury, 8s. 6d. To Richard, prior of lossenham, 12d. To the children of Thomas Igolynden my brother, 40s. to be divided among them, but if all die before lawful age, then the said 40s. to my said brother Thomas Igolynden. To the poor inhabitants of the parish of Bedynden 20s. To Johane Sampcok 10d. To sister Juliane Igolynden all those sums which she owes me, she --- pay to the aforesaid Johane wife of William Sprynget [ sic ] 2s. To ----, wife of John Sease. To Steven Herynden. The residue of my goods to John lechynden and Juliane Igolynden to dispose of for the health of my soul, etc., and I make them my executors. Lawrence at-hill, John lechynden, Adam Pelond, and Richard Morleyn to be my feofees of my land in Bidynden on the den of Brekynden and Petynden to be sold and the money to be used for the execution of my testament. Proved 20 May 1477 by the executors named. ( Archdeaconry of Canterbury, vol. 3, fo. 4. )

The will of Johane Igolynden, widow of Thomas Igolynden of Frethinden..
Proved 28 May 1511
To the high altar there, for lights, etc. To Juliane , daughter of Johane [sic, probably John] Iglynden, my goddaughter, and to each of my other godchildren . Son Thomas Iglynden to have my two messuages , two pieces of garden, and three pieces of land called knocks, lying within a land called Cotyngs lane, to him and his assigns when he comes to lawful age according to the law . If he die before lawful age without lawful issue , then all my goods and moveables to my other sons in fee simple. To Katerne Igleden . To sons Raf and William Bukherst, whom I make executors , residue of goods undisposed as was assigned to me by the last will of my husband Thomas to fulfill his will , they to have them to fulfil his will and pay his debts and bequests and do his will and mine. Stephen Payne and Thomas Webbe overseers. Proved 28 May 1511. Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury, vol. 7 fo 5.

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