Part two of our adventures in Stargazing

star A further medley of pictures... star

Uranus might be visible in the beginning of October, Jupiter next April, and if I want a picture of Saturn before March 2008 I'll have to move the computer - or persuade her to let me get a laptop....

We await the likes of Orion - visible from our computer in mid January onwards; M42 etc.....

In the meantime, here are a few more of Mars, etc:

Mars at 36x magnification, with the webcam on 'low light boost' and 'colour boost.' I then removed the blue from the picture, to correct the colour shift somewhat.
The bright star to the right is SAO 164644 (Delta Capricornus) magnitude 3.0
Mars This is a portion of the above picture enlarged. It's great to see the number of stars in the shot, most of which cannot be see throught the telescope with the eye alone!
Uranus is approximately in the centre of the circle - enlarged below (very faint,just above the centre of the picture) magnitude 5.7:
The Moon I got another Moon Filter, so...

It was still very bright, so had to wait for a few clouds to come over...

This one was taken at 11:30pm on 11th October 2003, using a camera held up to the eyepiece. It's the best of about 20 that I took - a lovely full moon that night!

I've left the picture 'upside down' so to speak.

36x magnification. Philips ESP2/00 camera.
The moon Another shot - 6:45am on 19th October 2003.

Out in the garden, cold, windy, clouds flitting across....

Getting the camera lined up took ages! I saw Jupiter and it's moons, but couldn't get a shot for the previous reasons!

(36x magnification)
A stunning morning - 26 October 2003, 4:30am - the clocks have just changed, so it still felt like 5:30am...

Very clear sky, but a bit cold!!

I couldn't use the camera (batteries need charging), but these pictures are accurate computer models of what I saw...

M42 in Orion - wonderful sight:
Jupiter Next on my list was Jupiter. Couldn't see any details of the planet - I need a colour filter I think, but the moons were very clear.

From the top down:
And finally Saturn. The moons again were clear; from the left: Lapetus, Rhea, Dione, Tethys, Enceladus, Mimas, Titan, Hyperion


More pictures - particulary the transit of Venus - are on the next page...

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