Pictures of some of the Willis people.....

Me & Mum

Me and my mum, Mary, on Dawlish Warren Beach, about 1966


Esther Jones (nee Willis), my mothers sister

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The wedding of my cousin Stephen to Gill, in November 1978. Behind Stephen, in the blue, is Lillian Brock (nee Willis), his Grandmother. She was my Grandfather, William James Willis' sister. At the other end of the row from Lillian is Stephen's sister Linda.

Linda's wedding Linda's wedding
This is Linda's wedding to Paul Bains. Behind Linda and the Bridesmaid to the left is her brother Stephen. The face in between is Tom Brock, Linda's Grandfather, Lillians' husband. With the cream hat is Nancy Willis, Linda & Stephens' mother, with John, their father beside her. John is my mothers' brother. The small face in the middle at the back is my mum, Mary. {short description of image} Another picture of Linda's wedding - with me & Aunty Nancy at the front. My mum is behind me, and Aunty Lily is on the far left
Linda's wedding And one more from Linda's wedding. From left to right:
Lily, Linda, Paul, Nancy, Tom (my Dad), Stephen (Linda's Brother), Carole (Esther's Daughter), Mary (my Mum), Me, John, Nancy's Husband - my Mother's Brother
Nancy, Mum & Me:
Mary Mary Mary

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