Here are several more pictures Aunty Rhoda & Uncle Alec sent me....

Alec & Rhoda in Torquay
Alec & Rhoda, with Meri, Naomi and Stephen & Linda Willism (1956)
Nancy, Stephen & Linda
Aunty Nancy, with Stephen & Meri, Teignmouth, 1956
My Mum, Mary
Olive & Children
Aunty Olive, with Pamela and Gwyneth
Stephen & Carole's wedding
Stephen & Carole's wedding
Stephen's wife, Carole (nee Phillips)
Esther & David
Esther with her Grandchild, David - Debby's son
Alec, Rhoda & Olivier
Aunty Rhoda
Alec & Rhoda's wedding
Alec, Rhoda & family
Alec & Rhoda before they emigrated to Australia
Alec, Rhoda & Meri
Alec & Rhoda's wedding
Uncle Alec & Aunty Rhoda's wedding
Alec & Rhoda's nine grandchildren
Uncle Alec & Aunty Rhoda's nine grandchildren

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