Pictures of some of the Willis people.....

Peter & Mum

Me and my mum, Mary (nee Willis) in Rhumney, Cardiff, about 1964

David, Debby & Keith Debby & Ian

My Cousins, David, Debby and Keith Jones in about 1972, and Debby and Ian Hall on their wedding day, 29th September 1984

Debby & Ian's wedding

From left to right, as far as I know; Me, Ann, Nancy Willis, Esther Jones, John Willis, Keith Jones, ? Bridesmaid, Ann Jones, Ian Hall, Debby Hall, ? Bridesmaid, Ivor Jones, Jack Mogford, Olive Mogford, Stephen Hoppie, Daniel Hoppie, Carole Hoppie, Laura Hoppie, ?, ?.

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Debby's brother, Keith, on his wedding to Ann Cartwright, 10th March 1984. Debby is in the red hat, next to her is Stephen Hoppie, next is Debby's mum, Esther (my mum's sister), and next is Carole, Debby's sister and Stephen's wife

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Mark & Michelle Jones, my mothers sister's (Esther) grandchildren - taken at their home in Albany, Australia in the year 2000

DAvid Jones David came to visit us in December 2006 - he's now back living in the UK The Gwenlans

David now has his own website: - plenty of pics, including this one from Cyprus (wasn't he cute then...)

The Jones' in Cyprus

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