Here are several pictures Aunty Olive sent me, plus a couple we found recently....


Florence Willis
William, Florence & children

William & Florence, with the children - John & Olive at the back, with (L to R) David, Ruth, Rhoda, Mary and Billy. On the right is "Uncle Wally", and his wife, Minnie - Williams' sister. This picture was likely taken in Exeter in about 1932/3 - Esther was born there in 1933, and they were living at 35 West Grove Road, Exeter.

This is 35 West Grove Road in 2007:
35 West Grove Road 35 West Grove Road
House in China
This is where William & Florence lived in China - taken in the winter snow. The child is probably John, taken about 1920/1
Florence, John & Ruth in China, about 1921/2
Florence with John & Ruth in China, about 1921/2
Florence & Stephen
Florence & Stephen, taken in China in 1937
Florence & Stephen

Again, Florence & Stephen
Stephen & (?) Grandmother

This is Stephen, with (I think) William's Mother, Agnes Clara. (She looks just like Williams Sister, Lily, as I remember her, but is too old to be her) According to the 1881 census, she was born in 1860, so would be about 78 years old here

William, Florence & Olive

William & Florence with Olive, taken in the early 1940's
David's wedding to Ruth
The wedding of David Willis to Ruth Lumb. On the far left is Florence, Jack Mogford is beside her and Esther is the Bridesmaid. Mary is the Bridesmaid on the right. For a better picture, see the next page
Ruth's wedding
Florence at the wedding of Ruth & her 1st husband, John Mortimer
Ruth, William & Vivian

Ruth, William and Ruth's 2nd husband, Vivian Ainsworth
Ruth, Stephen, Olive & Florence

From left to right, Ruth, Stephen, Olive and Florence in the front
William & Mrs. Marsh
William Willis and Mrs. Marsh
Olive, Ruth & Florence
Florence in the middle with Olive & Ruth, taken in Rotherham

Florence at home in London - 24 Dalebury Road
Billy, Jack, Stephen, Olive, Florence & Ruth

From Left to Right, Billy, Jack Mogford (Olives' husband), Stephen, Olive, Florence & Ruth
Florence & Ruth
Florence with Ruth, at Hampstead Heath
Florence & Rhoda

Florence with Rhoda, taken in London, Hampstead Heath. Rhoda, (who married Alec Thompson, also known as "Jack") moved to Australia


Florence's grave

The Grave of Florence in Bedford, dated 1894 - 1974, noted on the headstone as "Jane Willis". This picture was taken by Stephen; he got the right grave, but it was a mystery where the name "Jane" came from. As far as we knew her full name was "Florence Elizabeth Willis" - until I got her Marriage Certificate... It's an interesting tale that I've related HERE

Esther, in 1937, aged 3, in Southport, just before going to the residential "Bible College" in Swansea
Jack, Olive & "Aunty Hawswell"

Olive, her husband Jack (Mogford) and "Aunty Hawswell" (sitting), where they were evacuated in the war in 'East Dene, Rotherham'
Esther, aged 13
Esther, aged 13 (1947)

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