Here are several more pictures Aunty Olive sent me....

The Willis children
The Willis children, from the back - John, Ruth, Olive (hidden), David, Billy, Mary (part hidden) and Rhoda, taken in Exeter - probably at 35 West Grove Road, where Esther was born in 1933
Billy & Mary
Billy & Mary, 17th February 1944, taken at Empire Studio,Oxford Street, London.
Mary, my Mum
Mary, about 1949/50
Mum & Nancy, Mum's cousin
Mary (20) & Nancy (22), May 14th, 1948 in Teignmouth, Devon. Nancy is Mum's Cousin
Nancy, Mary & Rhoda
Rhoda (aged 10), Mary (12) and Nancy (14), taken in 1941
David & Ruths wedding David & Ruth's wedding, with (from L to R) Stephen, Florence, Jack Mogford, Esther (left Bridesmaid), Olive, David, Ruth (the Bride), Mary (right Bridesmaid), ?, Stephen (Jack's brother), Ruth and Ruth's Husband John Mortimer
Esther in Rotherham
Esther in Rotherham, with "Aunty Hawswell", and (sitting) Rhoda
Esther in Rotherham
Esther in Rotherham
Stephen & Family
Carole, Stephen & Olive, and in front, Paul, Jane, Mark & Rosemary (Olive's Daughter)
Stephen & Family
Stephen & Carole, Jane, Paul & Mark
Stephen & Carole's wedding
Stephen and Carole's wedding, with Florence on the Left.
Stephen, in the 'Boys Brigade'
Stephen, aged 3, in 1940, "taken on the prom"
Jack & Olive
Jack with Danielle (their grandchild) and Olive with Jessica (their great-grandchild), taken about 1991

Mary at school

Here is Mary at school in Exeter, aged about 5, in 1934 - Middle row, 2nd from the right. They were at 35 West Grove Road at the time, so I THINK this was St. Sidwells School, demolished in 2006

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